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Matrix 4: an Iconic Character is Back

matrix 4 2022
matrix 4 2022
Les acteurs de Matrix 4
Cast of Matrix 4, check on Google for More

In full production, Matrix 4 continues to challenge the press and the public. Very discreet about the script, Lana Wachowski faces a difficult challenge : to tell a sequel to a cult trilogy, whose main characters have (almost) all perished in the third part.

The director, who for the first time does not collaborate with her sister, will have to show that this fourth installment is completely legitimate, and does not result from Warner’s desire to capitalize on one of its greatest successes.

Leaked Matrix 4 scenes
Matrix 4 scenes

But how to communicate on a film such as Matrix 4 without revealing anything from the script ? How to make an audience, tired of reboots, remakes, revivals, prequels and sequels, want to take an interest in this project ?

The production bases its communication on the returns, all more surprising than the others, of the different characters of the saga : after announcing the return of Keanu Reeves (Neo), Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), Jada Pinkett Smith (Niobe) and Lambert Wilson (the Merovingian), we learned the absence of Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) and The Return Of The Morpheus, this time played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, revealed last year by the HBO series Watchmen by Damon Lindelof.

We learn that day a new return : that of Agent Johnson, always played by Daniel Bernhardt. It is recalled that Agent Johnson, who appeared in the first Matrix, was contaminated by Agent Smith, who became a free agent to spread in The Matrix. Will Agent Johnson be the main antagonist of Matrix 4 ?

Leaked Matrix 4 scenes
Leaked Matrix 4 scenes

Image if it had recently been learned that Matrix 4 would not be a prequel to the original trilogy, it must be remembered that the Wachowski and Warner had released a false synopsis of Matrix Reloaded, during its production, in order to deceive the audience.

It is quite conceivable that they have reiterated !

Leaked Matrix 4 scenes
Leaked Matrix 4 scenes

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